Wednesday, 11 February 2015

CLEVELAND LOOP via Capalaba & Wellington Point, Qld. 35 KM

If you are looking for a ride, a little out of the ordinary and you want to incorporate the coolness of the forest with a gentle ride along the shoreline of Moreton Bay....and....if on a hot summer's day you fancy a dip in the're not bothered about being stung by jelly fish or eaten whole by a hungry shark....and....I nearly forgot the lurking snake in the forest just salivating at the mere thought of sinking his poisonous fangs into an unsuspecting cyclist's leg, then this may be the ride for you. Mind you, I have been for a dip at Wellington Point without being either eaten or stung and I have ridden through the forests many times without being sprung upon by a snake although I have seen a number of them. Take the chance, the ride is worth it.

For an embedded "Riding with GPS" map, please open the following link:

These are some of our fiercest animals. Watch out for the 'Drop Bears', they're not so cuddly when they forget to hold on and fall out of the tree right on top of you as you are cycling beneath them.

As you can see by the photographs, it is well worth the risk and think how adventurous you are with all of those nasties lurking.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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